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Stuff 4 Cakes Latest News!
13/07/2024 : Stock due soon; Sweet Sticks, (Saracino approx 2 weeks), Super Streusel, Cake Pop Sticks, Progels, (25 pack white cupcake boxes due this week).
10/07/2024 : We have 10 bags of 15kg white Belcolade chocolate coming in tomorrow at the current price.
06/07/2024 : We cannot stock 5kg Belcolade Belgian EXTRA White Chocolate 34% until the price goes down (50% increase on price, too much)
06/07/2024 : Kells Cake mixes due in Mon 8th
05/07/2024 : Super Streusel have discontinued their Metallic Gold Drip due to increased raw material costs.