Monster Mini Palette by Sweet Sticks

Monster Mini Palette by Sweet Sticks
Monster Mini Palette by Sweet Sticks Monster Mini Palette by Sweet Sticks
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Monster Mini Palette by Sweet Sticks 

Simply activate, stir & paint!

Designed for the finer details in cake and cookie decorating. It is specifically formulated to cater for the Vegan and Religious Decorators.

With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients,  they can paint, dry and be rub free on many surfaces making decorating quicker, easier and more effective.

Use over and over again!

Paints on:

  • Royal Icing
  • Macarons
  • Fondant
  • Flower Paste
  • Modeling Paste

When working with Sweet Sticks Paint Palette,  we recommend using a good quality brush (one is included)

  • It's rub free! No fuss!
  • The colour is true
  • 100% food grade edible
  • Vegan, alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free!

Getting Started Tips & Tricks

  • Have a small cup of water on hand ready to go
  • Dip your fine line brush into the water to wet it and start mixing into your palette. keep dipping in water, mixing and repeat until you have created a paste consistency.
  • Practice, play and become familiar with the product and the consistency that suits you best.
  • The palette will dry up over time, be sure to continue adding water from your brush as you go to keep your paste consistency.
  • Once-over strokes are best, so try and think about what you are painting before you start.
  • Two coats are best. paint your first coat and let dry (takes a short time to dry). when dry, paint over.
  • Wash your brush in clean water before starting a new colour.
  • This paint palette is designed to paint only the finer details such as lettering, small patterns, fine line designs.
  • Best used on royal icing, macarons and fondant.
  • Most importantly, have fun with them. take the time to become familiar with them.

Allergy Advice: These colours are water based, alcohol free, gluten free, vegan friendly, dairy free, soy free & peanut free.

Ingredients: Water, Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigments, Gum Arabic, E171 (Titanium Dioxide), E172 (Iron Oxide), Citric Acid. Some (not all) colours may contain: E102 (FD&C No.5), E133 (FD&C No.1), E127 (Etythrosine).

Colours included: Red, Green, Orange, Ocean Blue, Black.

We recommend to store in a dry, cool place and away from children.

This product is not to be consumed directly.

Palette Pan total is 10g.




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