The Old Piping Bag-Shock Transfers

The Old Piping Bag-Shock Transfers
The Old Piping Bag-Shock Transfers
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The Old Piping Bag Shock Transfers

Lens & Lens Transfers.  A new concept to create amazing 2D plaques, windows, onlays, carbachons on your cakes and cupcakes.

Use the lenses with sugar paste or modelling paste and paint or cut an image or initial and add to your makes, or use the Lens & Lens Transfers together with isomalt or gelatin, to create Underwater scenes for your marine themed cakes or fun teenage cakes.

Transfers are available in two assorted packs at the moment, with more themes to be added. ‘Underwater’ or ‘Shock’.

Underwater: Two large and two small transfers of 6 designs. That’s a whopping 24 transfers to every pack!

Shock: Two large and two small transfers of 4 designs, giving you 16 transfers to every pack.

How to use the Lens & Lens Transfers:

  1.  Melt some isomalt in a heatproof container and pour into a cavity.
  2.  Place your chosen transfer onto the melted isomalt with the shiny side UP (dull side onto the hot isomalt).
  3.  Once cooled and set, the acetate backing of the transfer can be easily removed by lifting the acetate at an edge.  You can either pour more melted isomalt on top of   the transfer to encase it if you wish.
  4.  Demould, and gently blow over the front of the isomalt lens with a brulee torch to remove any bubbles or cloudiness.
  5.  Once completely cool, seal both surfaces (the back and the front) using edible spray glaze.


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