Crystal Candy Mesh Stencil - City Style

Crystal Candy Mesh Stencil - City Style
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Crystal Candy Mesh Stencil - City Style

Original design Mesh Stencils By Crystal Candy allow cake decorators to create beautiful designs easily. 

Mesh stencils are made of mesh cloth – a food safe, flexible, light weight and durable product that can use over and over again.

Mesh Stencils can be used on fondant to create stunning detailed effects.

For best results:

Add piping gel to your royal icing to give your royal icing a perfect smooth creamy consistency.

The piping gel slows down the drying time of the royal icing. Mix 25gms of piping gel to 100gms of royal icing.

The correct consistency is very important. If too thick, it will not go through the mesh, if too thin, it will seep under the stencil and smudge.

Ideally, your icing should form a soft peak.

They are superior to standard stencils in that they are made from a food-grade mesh which allows a much higher degree of detail.

So easy to use:

  • Simply pin to the side of the cake over fondant and spread royal icing over the top
  • Simply remove the stencil to reveal a stunning design
  • The royal icing can be coloured
  • To create a metallic effect - simply mix your lustre dust with dipping solution & piping gel to thicken, then apply over the top of the stencil

Mesh Stencils By Crystal Candy ensure no bleed-through of icing & no raised icing ridges as with standard stencils.

They are very easy to clean as well. Wash with warm water and detergent.

Create fondant tiles (see pic) or use with edible gold & silver leaf.

Please note that the pictures shown are examples of many designs!

Mesh stencil size: 33 x 13 cm

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