Edible Gold Leaf Transfer Sheets P/25

Edible Gold Leaf Transfer Sheets P/25
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Booklets containing edible gold leaf transfer (E175) interleaved with tissue paper. The leaf can be gently topped out of the book and directly onto the food item but if more control is required over the effect then a gilding brush can be used to pick up the leaf.

Wrap your gourmet Chocolates in delicate, feather light leaves of genuine gold for a warm glittering glow. The loose leaf sits loosely on top of the paper in the booklet, enabling you to slide it onto the required area of food. The leaf is incredibly thin and will adhere to any moist surface and take up the texture of the food beneath. Chocolate has it’s own moisture but if it is dry then mix a little sugar and water together and paint onto the surface before applying the leaf.

To apply to fondant, you first need to make your fondant tacky by applying steam. Carefully open up the booklet, first hold the bottom of the leaf against the bottom of the cake and slowly roll up the booklet softly pressing the leaf to the cake.Once the leaf is tuck, carefully pull the booklet away & use a soft brush to run over the sheet making sure it's stuck.

Gold leaf can be frozen as well as being able to be heated up to 480F meaning you can make food in advance and is suitable for vegetarians.

This Edible leaf has been manufactured specifically for the food industry. It adheres to strict safety standards & complies EU safety standards.

80mm x 80mm

Pack of 25

Please Note: This product is ideally suited for covering cake tiers. Always look for Transfer Sheets for cakes, Loose Leaf sheets are more suited to smaller items such as brooches etc.

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